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Diesel Vehicles 1997 and Older in Decatur, GA

Decatur Mercedes Service & Repair

C-Service – Every 3000 miles E-Service – Every 15,000 miles Z-Service – Every 30,000 miles

C-Service includes the following work:

Change oil and filter, correct all fluid levels, Check condition of brake pads and discs, check entire exhaust system for problems, correct air pressure in all five tires, check for any fluid leaks, Lubricate chassis on antique cars (newer cars do not require lubrication), Check condition of belts and tighten as necessary, check all exterior lights and replace any burned bulbs, check and replace fuses as necessary, check condition of windshield wiper, stamp service book and install new service sticker in windshield.

E-Service includes the C-Service plus the following additional work: Replace spark plugs, replace air filter(s), Replace both fuel filters, check function of pre-glow system, check steering components for wear and damage, adjust parking brake, adjust valves if applicable, check and adjust ignition timing on pre 1985 vehicles, check and adjust air/fuel mixture on pre 1993 vehicles, remove wheels and rotate if necessary, replace any burned interior bulbs, clean, lubricate, and adjust all throttle linkages, clean and aim windshield washer nozzles, clean out fuse box, lubricate sunroof guides, lubricate door hinges and latches, check function of climate control system, read all computer fault codes and clear memory of old codes, steam clean engine compartment.

Z-Service includes the following work and is usually performed in conjunction with an E-Service: Service transmission, change differential fluid, change power steering fluid.

Coolant and brake fluid should be changed every 2 years.

Dealership quality and professional experience without the dealer$hip price tag.

I’ve used the Revolution team for years and have always received great service above and beyond my expectations.  They even point me back to the MB dealer to take care of areas covered by warranties and recalls ( = a big savings).

It’s refreshing to see an owner so involved — Matt always takes time to discuss the issues and review my options.  And Tammy runs a smooth process, making sure they deliver when she says they will.

They only thing I would change: it’s hard to see the shop on DeKalb industrial across from the Kroger shopping center.  I think I drive past it every time.

5Stars  I wish I could give them another * for honesty and speed

Dave S.

Decatur, GA

Quality Diesel Vehicles 1997 and Olders at an Affordable Rate


The REVOLUTION Advantage

  • ASE-Certified master technicians
  • Dealership alternative for Mercedes repairs
  • Cutting-edge diagnostic technology
  • Electrical troubleshooting experts
  • 3-year/30,000-mile warranty
  • Family owned and operated
  • Shuttle service and loaner cars available

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